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Women’s shelters ottawa

Want To Step Up From Domestic Violence- Here We Are!

Women many a time, faces domestic violence. Most of the time they afraid of taking major steps against this, either because of the society or because of the dissension of their parents. That is why we are providing with the women’s shelter Ottawa and from now on wards, you need not have to bear the violence anymore. Just step out from there and step into our shelter home, we will take care of yours.

We at Singh Legal Services decided to let women know that they are not in prison and are seen and valued in the society. Our program is an initiative to benefit women who are suffering domestic violence in Ottawa and we also extend it to assure their self-reliance also.

What is the need for women shelter Ottawa?

According to the statistical research data, one in three women experiences physical violence, one in ten experiences sexual violence, etc in the world. Women’s shelter Ottawa thus help those individuals to escape from these instances of violence and act as a place for protection and show them the path to move forward. We also offer various other services including counseling and legal guidance to women and their children. The importance for our shelter for domestic violence Ottawa is pointed as under:

  • To help women to gain tangible resources to create a new life: In most of the cases, women lose their faith from themselves and also lose their mental strength. Our shelter home will help you to regain that and help them to create a new life in a newer way.
  • Help them to find a sense of empowerment: Women empowerment is also one of our key aspect for women’s shelter Ottawa. We will deliver technical guidance for that and help in their full empowerment.
  • To make them learn for self-reliance and self-protection: It is another specialty of our shelter home. We teach every individual about self-reliance and self-protection so that further they need not have any situation like that and they can survive independently.
  • Help them to develop a sense of balance of powers and ability: Most of the women have a mindset that there is a huge imbalance of power and ability between men and women. With our technical workshops, we make them understand their inbuilt and inherent power and to utilize them whenever needed.
  • complete feasibility and easy collaboration with us: We have designed and built our shelter home for the victims of domestic violence in a homely environment so that you will not miss your home and family and can start moving forward in your life.

About us

Singh Legal Services is a platform that focuses on advocating victims of domestic violence in Ottawa. We are here to help them in getting maximum financial compensation for their pain and sufferings. In this journey of over 20 years, with all our services for providing women’s shelter Ottawa, we have gained a lot of experiences of criminal justice and thus can also help you to show the legal path for your justice. So now stop enduring domestic violence Ottawa and start your life in your own way.