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Rape Crisis Ottawa

How to get rid of rape crisis Ottawa

Facing situation of rape crisis? Don’t get afraid as we are here for you. In our rape crisis Ottawa center, you will get all the assistance to see your life in a newer way and move forward thereby. Often times when people talk about rape, they just mean about physical or sexual violence. But it is more than that. The survivor of rape crisis goes through mental, emotional as well as physical trauma which other can ever imagine. In our shadow, we not only provide you shelter but also with counseling and educational training and thereby help you to come out from the pain.

What we do for rape crisis Ottawa

There are many advocates and other service providers, who work with women and support them in their situation. But do you really know, whether they are believing you or providing good assistance for the rest of your life? Rape survivors are not victims that they need support, rather we must show them their strength so that they can spend their rest of life without fear. Thus the primary purpose of our center for rape crisis Ottawa is,

  • To eliminate the sense of fear from the minds of the survivors.
  • To give them free counseling and education services.
  • To endeavor their will to have full freedom of life.
  • To let them know the importance of self-reliance and independence.
  • To serve as a community resource to them
  • To help them in crisis intervention services, etc

What is the need for a rape crisis center

You might be thinking of the need for rape crisis centers like us and also about its importance, right? Most of the time it happens that the survivors are asked to keep the incident as secret and don’t disclose it in front of others and they can’t go for their justice either out of fear or out of irrational behavior of the society and family members. There comes the need of centers for rape crisis Ottawa. We inculcate the legal procedures into them and motivate them to go for legal action against the incident and thereby make justice for them. Our purpose is to inspire them to move forward in their life and help them to get away from the trauma caused by incidents like rape, sexual abuse, etc. Even after the legal court procedures, the fall-out for survivors will continue and each of us, no matter where we stand, have a primary responsibility not to compound the suffering of women or children who have been sexually abused. That is the reason, with our counseling and educational outreach, we help the society to intervene and advocate the matter and go for the justice of the survivors.

So, now onward, one doesn’t need to be afraid of the society or family’s rejection after taking steps against the injustice and go for the legal action of justice, as we, rape crisis Ottawa, are here for you.