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Legal Aid Ottawa

Seeking Legal aid in Ottawa?  We can help you!

If you come from the economically downtrodden section and have been subjected to violent crime and in need of urgent Legal aid in Ottawa, we are there to assist you. Our expert team of professionals has defended numerous criminal cases in an across Canada and we use our past experience to help you in the court. We have been advocating criminal cases for the past 20 years and enable victims to get justice in the process. Through our legal aid service, we have been helping our clients who come from all over Canada in the hope of getting justice.

Legal aid in Canada  

The coming of the legal aid system is a significant development in the history of jurisdiction. It refers to the process of offering legal assistance especially to the weaker section of people who otherwise cannot afford to pay the cost involved in the proceedings of the case. This can be termed as an inexpensive or sometimes a free legal service that is offered to help the poor people.

Do you know the Canadian legal system protects you from various situations in life?

Everyone is equal before the law. Even the poorer section has the right to demand justice.  The legal aid program is a government initiative that assures free and fair legal services to the poorer. Each territory and provinces are responsible to deliver this service based on their own policies and procedures.

We are there for people who come from the economically disadvantageous background and are convicted in serious and complex criminal cases and facing imprisonment. We know the difficulties encountered by the poorer people while approaching the court for justice and thus aim to help them with our years of legal experience.

Why legal aid is necessary?

  • People who are awaiting justice live in uncertainties and this affects their life in many ways. The impact may fall on their health, their ability to earn their livelihood and various other factors. This is because mostly these people cannot afford a lawyer and get access to the legal system. So by providing legal aid to the people, we not only empower them to resolve their issues but equally, help them to live their life with dignity.
  • Legal aid given to the economically backward section of society helps the state to many such unresolved legal issues. It also helps to release a person who is innocent and is convicted in an unlawful manner.
  • It is good to have a legal aid service because if the people feel safe in the hands of the justice system they will less likely to take the law in their own hands. Access denied to the poorer people result in many social unrests. So legal aid can prevent that.
  • Legal aid service helps to strengthen the justice system and increase the faith in the rule of the land.

Eligibility to receive legal aid

If you are declared poorer by the court, you will be eligible to receive legal aid. You will require producing some documents in support of your economic status.

Why us?

This legal aid program has helped to maintain the integrity of the Canadian judicial system. There is a need for this legal aid program in any society. As a boutique paralegal firm, we have been offering legal aid service to defend people who have been facing violence in the hands of the perpetrators of crime.

Legal aid helps to maintain a fine balance between the power and the resources of the state while pursuing criminal cases. This is specially designed for people who are uneducated, poor and whose unique personal problems make them unable to respond to the charges against them.

So you have no reason to worry if you are denied justice in matters of criminal violence, seek our immediate Legal aid in Ottawa! We will best defend your case!