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Why is having a Women’s Shelter a Gift to Your Community?

Despite the fact that women are worshiped as a goddess in our society, there are still different parts of the world, where they are the poor victims of domestic violence. There are many women in the world, who are ill-treated and deprived of freedom in their lives. However, they are not able to raise their voices against the injustice and fight for their dignity. It is mainly because in most of the cases women are entirely dependent on their family or husbands for shelter and other basic necessities of life.

women’s shelter in Ottawa

However, we are now living in 21st century and the world is changing. Women no longer have to think twice before taking their stand against the domestic violence, because there are several women’s shelters in Ottawa, where they can seek shelter and other amenities of life. We all completely understand the fact that a person suffering from domestic violence is also going through stress, depression, anxiety disorders and many other mental and health related problems.

If you are still wondering, what are the benefits of having a women’s shelter, then below listed reason are a suitable explanation for the same:

  • The shelter offers a safe accommodation for both women and girls who have been abused physically, mental as well as sexually. These shelters provide necessary aspects of security and services that help abused women and children to recuperate from violence, to restore their confidence and to lead an independent and stressful life.
  • Shelters provide complete protection as well as vital support services to help those who are at peril of domestic violence and victims to avoid further abuse.
  • For the majority of reasons, victims won’t be able to report abuse and also can’t take the help of formal service authorities. The support provided by those shelters can address barriers by entirely encouraging women to search for assistance.
  • Besides with providing a space to live in, women in these shelters are also helped with medicinal care, professional counseling and legal aids.

Helps Women to Get back to their Normal and Happy Life

After domestic violence, women generally lose their self-confidence and trust, and at times, it affects their life badly. In such cases, these shelter homes help victims to forget all the past issues and encourage them to start a new life again. Also, these shelters provide complete security to all the women.

Assists Women to Develop a Sense of Empowerment

These shelters help women to establish a sense of empowerment and motivate them to speak for their freedom.

Train the Women for Self-Reliance and Self-Protection

In this modern era, it becomes necessary for every woman to take care of themselves to avoid violence and miss happening in the future. These shelters train every woman for self-reliance and self-protection so that they can tackle any situation independently.

They will be Able to Seek Legal Help Easily

In these shelters, women’s can look for legal advice since they provide professional help every time to the victims.

Independent Livelihood

Shelter homes provide numerous ways by which the victim can continue their entire life independently. It compromises of multiple aspects such as education, and earning, and so on.


After reading the above-mentioned details in the blog, there is one thing upon which people can believe is that, time is changing and so are the laws to support domestic violence victims all over the world.





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