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Understanding the Legal Aspects Involved in Rape Crisis in Ottawa

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Rape is a heinous crime against humanity and there should be enough legal punishment for this. A rape victim has every right to seek justice for the crime and injury being inflicted on her by the perpetrator. Rape or sexual assault refers to a situation when the guilty purposefully force a girl to indulge in sexual or nonsexual activities. It all talks about a coercive behavior on the part of the accused that brings great physical and mental injury to a girl. Rape has been defined as the act of crime to impose power, control, and violence on the other person. It indirectly defines the unequal status of women in society. The law of the land says that anything that is illegal should be judged under the light of legality and offer punishment to the guilty.

Rape Crisis

Rape crisis in Ottawa, what the Canadian legal system says?

 The word rape has been replaced by the term sexual assault from the Criminal Code of Canada keeping in mind the violent nature of the act and the social stigma associated with the world of rape. Rape is evident all over Canada and according to a report published by Ottawa-Carleton Sexual Assault Protocol, Ottawa 1997, almost 99 percent of rape victims are women and girls.

The criminal code of Canada has defined the term rape in the following manner.

  • Sexual assault includes intercourse, kissing, anal penetration, and oral sex, which are forcefully done on the victim. To file a legal charge, no physical proof of sexual assault is required.
  • A person can file for a sexual charge if any kind of weapon is used by a third party which causes physical harm. If the weapon is being used during the crime, or it is used by a third person, to harm a child or a friend of the victim. If any third person is involved in the process he can also be charged with assault.
  • The aggravated sexual assault charge is slapped upon somebody if he sexually misbehaves a disabled, wounded or brutally beat the woman in concerned. It all depends on the diversity of the situation that a person can be charged with several crimes.
  • Underage sexual assault is also registered with the Canadian criminal law code. If somebody inappropriately touches a minor who is less than 16 years of age is also charged with sexual assault. Sexual exploitation charge is also mentioned in the code which is applicable for children between aged 16 to 17, where a person with authority or a protector of the children commits the sexual offense is liable for punishment.
  • Additionally, if a person is forcefully establishing sexual relation with his near blood relative such as a parent, sister, brother etc he also comes under the sexual assault law.

Marital rape is also punishable in Canada

Canada had legalized rape within marriage as a sexual offense in the year 1983 which is an important development. Before that marital rape was not considered as an offense and a wife used to complain only about the indecent assault from his husband that causes physical harm. According to the prevailing law, a wife can accuse her husband with sexual assault case if the crime involved beating.

Rape Crisis Ottawa

Seeking legal help for rape crisisThe objective of an attorney handling a rape case is to encourage the victim to move forward in life and helping the person to get rid of the trauma. So an attorney fighting a rape crisis has a huge role to play in the improvement of the life of the victim.

It is a responsibility of a rape crisis center to assist such victims to get justice in the court of law. Because such an incident cause a negative effect in the life of the victim and often she finds her being surrounded by fear, shock, anxiety. It makes the victim mentally and physically weak and creates a depressive situation for the family.

Concluding remark

A proper medical examination is necessary after such an incident. Following that, a visit to the local attorney’s office will help you to fight the case in the court and give punishment to the guilty. One should not refrain herself from registering rape crisis in the fear of society or the family pressure. It is always better to step out and get justice by contacting an experienced legal agency.

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