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The Process Involved in Getting Legal Aid Facilities in Ottawa

Legal aid is the name given to a constitutional provision that is designed to help the needy who cannot access the country’s legal system due to lack of fund. Poorer people when subjected to violence cannot ask for legal help as they cannot afford a lawyer and other legal fees that are required to take part in the proceedings.

Legal aid is the culmination of the concept of equality before the law

This is a constitutional right gives every citizen the right to ask for justice. This type of assistance is given to people so that no citizen in a country is deprived of getting justice or unnecessarily punished.  This is an extension of the concept of equality which states that every individual has equal rights before the law and have the freedom to counsel and to have a fair trial. All these principles speak about the protection given by a country’s constitution towards its citizens.

To get this legal aid, first of all, you must qualify the criteria of being poorer as per the provisions prescribed by the constitution. Moreover, not all crimes are covered under legal aid. Let us see the list of charges that are entitled to get legal aid.

Legal aid Ottawa

Domestic violence is a strong case to get legal help!

Legal aid Ontario is a special office registered under the government of Canada to look after the legal issues in the Ontario region. The organization has a specific family law service that aims to help women suffering from domestic violence. Emergency consultation services are also available with this organization.

The application process

If you are a victim of domestic violence you can pay a visit to the LAO office. Else you can apply telephonically by calling them at their helpline number.

You should gather as much information as possible while applying for assistance to LAO. While applying over phone, you may have to apply for a certificate program. Under this condition, LAO will accommodate a lawyer to represent your case. You will be asked to share details about your finances including your income sources, amount of money you earn and any current asset.

While applying physically at the LAO office you will require bringing certain your documents such as your identity proof, your legal papers, current income proof, an update bank records, monthly statements of bills, the sale agreement of your home, medical expense record, etc. Subsequently, you will require filing a legal aid application.

As you financially qualify for the legal aid you will be provided assistance to all contested cases related to family matters, and any change introduced to such orders by the family court.

Victims of domestic violence receive immediate assistance under this right

It includes two hours of free legal consultation about your rights and options that you can exercise through a private lawyer provided by the LAO and it is realized under the family violence authorization program. You can find this program in some shelters and other legal centers.

Upon acceptance of your application, you will be issued a legal aid certificate and in some instances a written agreement to repay a portion or all of your costs that will incur in the process. In case your application gets rejected you can appeal further and it will need approval from the higher authority like the Provincial Appeals Department.

Final words

If you are awaiting Legal aid in Ottawa you need to go through the same process a mentioned above. As part of the legal aid facility, you can get a lawyer of your choice provided he takes care of legal aid cases.

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