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Rape -The Heinous Crime

Rape is a dastardly crime against humanity in this world. This act can happen with a person irrespective of his age and sex. There are different kinds of activities that can be termed cumulatively as rape. Most of the people consider the term “rape” as less apprehensive than “sexual assault”. But, these two terms are actually synonyms of each other. People blame the victims, point finger at their character or way of life. But in any situation, the victim remains the worst affected by such incidents.

Show Compassion, Not Sympathy

Most of the time, people show sympathy and not compassion towards the sufferers by calling them victims and not survivors. Victim is a sort of derogatory term, which reminds the person of the in-human behavior that he has faced. Depression starts to take the better of the person and he is not able to recollect the inner strength and fighting spirit to get over that incident.

Domestic Violence Ottawa

Rape Crisis in Canada

There are many acts introduced by the Canadian govt. in order to ensure justice is rightly served to the rape survivors. Studies show that Canada is in the 7th position in terms of number of violent crimes that occur every year. The crimes reported on sexual assault have increased in the past few years. According to Huffington post, every year, 460,000 people, face rape crisis in Canada.

What Is To Be Done

  • One should not be afraid of fighting against the injustice that has happened to you. Keeping numb and not speaking up is not at-all an option. An FIR should be filed at the first instance. If this step is taken by the survivor, then the chances of getting justice will definitely increase.
  • The behavior of the society is quite unusual in these sorts of cases. The person who has gone through the whole episode has to be strong and ready to face the aftermaths of the situation.
  • For every individual, it is necessary to be independent and self reliant to fight more effectively against injustice. There are many shelter homes available that are working for the rape crisis in Ottawa and other cities of Canada to make the survivors independent. If one starts working on himself and try to completely eliminate the dependency on others, life can be much better for the rape survivors.

The Last Bit

We at Singh Legal Services are having vast experience in providing the people suffering from violent crimes with necessary assistance. We are having an expertise in handling the complexities of such cases with utmost ease. We have successfully accomplished more than 1000 cases of violent crimes. Our main focus is always to ensure that justice for the victims and to achieve this aim, we do our best. We keep ourselves updated on all the latest information that comes from the govt. and thus can assure authentic and needful assistance.


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