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Let’s Stand for Anti-Violence and Fight Against Injustice Together

Domestic violence is seen among 70% women all over the world. Based on their sufferings, the type of domestic violence differ but the means to step out from these are still lacking in the world. Even in Ottawa, where everyday at least one woman reports on violence activity, the shelter homes or the organizations to support women not only mentally but also financially, is very lacking.

Keeping all these things in mind, we are organizing support facility in our women shelter in Ottawa. A brief on this support facility is elaborated here under.

Domestic Violence

Anti-violence support facility-an initiation for progression

We are calling for this support facility for anti-violence to stand beside the victims of domestic violence. With the help of this facility, we help them in every manner to overcome the situation that they are suffering from a very long time. This facility includes:

Women abuse facility: Women suffer from various kinds of abuse such as verbal, emotional, physical, sexual, economic/financial, and many more. To help them to step out from these abusive relationship and get rid of all the uncertain circumstances thereby. Our support for them comes through training, counselling, orientation, etc. Women over the age of 18 are welcomed in our shelter to enjoy this facility.

Support groups: We have support groups spread across the city. They go to different areas and search for the victims of domestic violence. They also do various workshops and seminars on domestic violence, ways to get out of this, importance of self-confidence, independence, etc. They also talk about the women equality and equal protection of law for the women in Ottawa.

Individual counselling: For any victims, counselling plays an important role. It helps them to express their experiences and emotions easily. The more proficient the counsellor is the more successful result can be determined for the victim and vice versa. We, through this facility service, provide the victims with free counselling and based on their problems and sufferings, we give supportive court procedures too with proper measures.

Transition support facility: We also include transitional and housing support to the women. In this, we provide safety planning, lawyers to run the court procedures, housing applications assistance’s, Assistances for finance eligibility, etc. We also provide you with court support and other legal, medical and other appointments.

With all these inclusions of support services, we want to make all the women, who are going through domestic violence in Ottawa, aware about the injustice. We have gained so far that most of the women afraid of standing against such unjust activities for the extreme pressure  from the family (real or in-laws), restrictions and boundation imposed on them and other threatening activities, etc. This initiative will definitely help them to pluck up their courage to fight against the injustice they are facing. This not only help the victims but also help their children to get over from the traumatic situation they have to face by the period of time.

Come to us, we will help you to get out of your unfavourable relationship and give a bright future thereby!

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