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Legal Aid and Women Empowerment How Correlated to Each Other

Are you searching for legal aid or assistance to fight against any injustice to you? We ensure to provide it with all the necessities you require.

Women Empowerment

Women empowerment is an umbrella term which elaborates the process of accomplishment of success in adverse circumstances. This concept comprises of all the socio-economic and socio-political cultures and decision-making process that dominates the rights of women. There are many reasons for which the women rights are abandoned and the empowerment of women cannot be attained in the way it is expected to be.

Here are some of the Reasons:

Unnecessary Social Intervention: It is evidenced by various facts that social intervention in every matter associated with the women always prevents them to enjoy their rights. In the sections 15 and 28, the Canadian constitutions emphasized the equality of women. Section 15 says about the equality of women based on national or ethnic origin, religion, race, sex, color, age, and physical or mental stability. On the other hand, section 28 states the rights that are covered by the charter should be applied equally for both men as well women. But due to unnecessary social intervention, these right and freedoms are violated and thereby the women equality is being always a matter of concern among the Canadian people.

Political Involvement: In many cases, the political involvement in various issues or cases make women bound to obey the decision made by the govt. It also threatens the rights to be enjoyed by women. For example, if any woman becomes a victim of rape crisis or domestic violence, because of political interruption, they don’t fight against the injustice they are facing. They can’t even take necessary actions to raise their status.

Although there are many other reasons such as family pressure, inadequate education provided to women, lack of awareness, etc. that prevent women to enjoy their right to equality and right to fight against exploitation. But if, at any point, you are required to have legal assistance you can walk to the lawyer for the protection of your rights.

How Legal Aid can Foster Women Empowerment

Although women empowerment is a very broad term, the empowerment can only be attained when women know their rights properly and how they should proceed legally if, in anyway, it is violated. There comes the need for legal aid counsellor. Thus, he/she should always be knowledgeable enough so as to guide you in the best way to fulfill your purpose. The roles as played by a legal aid attorney are as follows:

Listen to the Victims Carefully: The first and most important responsibility of an attorney is to listen to its clients carefully. This is because, to come up with any conclusion, it is very necessary to understand their situations and their subordinate problems. Thus, the concerned counselor makes the conversation comfortable for the victim in every possible manner and ensures an easeful expression of all their problems via a friendly conversation.

Provide with Necessary Assistance: As mentioned earlier, a legal aid attorney should be knowledgeable regarding all the necessary court proceedings, so that they can assist their clients in a better way. There are many sections mentioned in the Canadian constitution to protect women rights. When these are violated by anyway, the relative charges and court procedures should be made clear by the attorney to its clients. Moreover, in certain cases and certain regions, the attorney provides free of cost services to the victims.

With all these aids and assistance, the women get to know about their role in the country’s development by ensuring proper empowerment for them. Hence, women empowerment can easily be achieved with the help of proper legal aid not only in Canada but also all over the world.

We, being a certified attorney for legal aid in Ottawa provide all the people with reasonable assistance as per their requirements. We have been working for the women empowerment and fight against injustice that is caused to them for several years. We are thus very well known about the Canadian Human Rights Act of 1977 which states that every Canadian will have the right to equality, fair treatment, equal opportunities, etc. irrespective of sex, status, religion, etc. So far with our aid, we have rescued many women in the country from any uncertain circumstances. We are hoping more to achieve in the future with the condition of women awareness across the country.

“Legal aid is central to righting wrongs and rectifying injustice” – Shadiq Khan

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