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Best Legal Agency in Ontario for Seeking Compensation on Domestic Violence

Violence in any form should not be tolerated and if you receive injuries as a result of domestic violence, you have every right to seek compensation for it. But there are a lot of terms and conditions involved while doing that and you should know whether you are eligible for it or not. Further, seeking criminal compensation on your own could be costly and delayed, so professional guidance is handy in this respect. It is a wise decision to contact a solicitor agency to help you to get your criminal injuries compensation in Ottawa.

Why Singh Legal Services?

Our solicitor Rohan Singh has over 20 years of valuable experience in handling criminal justice and has expert knowledge in Ontario judicial system. His aim is to help his clients to get the maximum financial compensation in every criminal violence case.

criminal injuries compensation in Ottawa

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Board, CICB

It is the highest regularity board who looks into all activities related to domestic violence in Ottawa and release indemnity to victims and their immediate families. This is a wonderful step taken by the Ontario government to deliver justice to the victims of crime since 1967. It has helped many innocent people to receive compensation over the years.

How to approach CICB

The first rule in the process of justice is to slap a legal notice to the party. When you see the judgment is not coming in your favor, then you should approach the CICB board. Many times, the party at fault is expert in hiding their assets to stay in favor of the judgment.

The highest claim paid by the Ontario government is $25,000. You can wait for a recommended period of 2 years since the date you lost your case in the court. If you delay informing the court, then you will need to give an explanation on that. The wait time for any rape crisis in Ottawa is however longer because the Board understands that it takes a great amount of personal courage to ask for such a claim.

You must provide your details

After the initial application to CICB, the Board will ask for medical details duly issued by your doctor, statements issued from your witness if any, the police report copy, proof of income loss, expenses of funeral if it is a fatal claim etc.

If the Board finds your claim authentic they will give you a hearing date. Some hearings are done in a written manner especially in the case of sexual assault where there is no formal appearance required. For Other hearings, you will need to be physically present to the Board office.

The CICB hearing consists of just 2 to 3 people. It is an informal type of hearing, unlike the court hearings. There are certain relaxations when it comes to present the evidence. Your solicitor will present your case to the Board on behalf of you. The Board members will ask questions about your case which you will require to answer as frankly as possible.

The party at fault or the police officer will also present sometimes during the investigation. The Board and your solicitor will ask questions to these people for cross-examination.

The Board usually delivers judgment within 3 to 5 weeks time. If your claims are proved the Board will award money and it will be given to you through a cheque. Even if you could not get your compensation, there will be no any payment required to pay for the holding of the case.

The CICB will provide a judgment on the basis of the following factors

  • Did you instigate the crime by any chance?
  • Are you completely innocent as a victim?
  • Any previous criminal record you have
  • The amount of your cooperation with the police
  • Did you contact the police immediately after the incident?
  • The amount of injury you have received
  • How the injuries will affect your life
  • The money you have lost

So a variety of factors are examined during the CICB claim and it is better prepared yourself well in advance by contacting a professional legal agency while seeking for criminal injuries compensation in Ottawa.

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