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Be a Rape Survivor, Not a Victim- Stand Up for Justice!

Rape is an unfortunate and gruesome act that can happen with any person, irrespective of his sex. There are different kinds of activities that can be termed cumulatively as rape. Most of the people consider the term “rape” as less apprehensive than “sexual assault”. But, these two terms are actually synonyms of each other. Forget about the term considerations, people even blame the victims, point finger at their character or way of life. But in any situation, the victim remains the worst affected by such incidents.

But, calling the survivors as victims, isn’t it injustice to them? If you are wondering why it is an unjust thing then read on to know more about the factors that support our argument.

Why calling “rape victims” is unjust for them

When we say the word “victim”, it means we are sympathising with the survivors of rape incidents. This in turn, makes them feel depressed over the passage of time and they can’t even manage to find the strength to fight against the injustice they have faced.

It is a stereotypical thought of almost every individual on earth that rape survivors are in need of sympathy, than anything else. But it’s not true! Showing sympathy to them makes them weaker and consequently they find themselves unable to find the courage to fight against the stigma related to being a rape survivor. Studies reveal that everyday 4 out of 10 rape victims come to report FIR on the rape incidents, 2 out of 10 people precede further to fight for justice and 4 out of 10 people are served justice.

So, instead of sympathising with them, it is more essential to stand beside the survivors and do the necessary to bring justice for them.

Start your action today!

If you are a rape survivor, don’t get afraid. Just stand up against the injustice. This is because, it is not getting justice but also about fighting against the stigma and general mindset of the society related to rape. It is a terrible thing and absolutely unfair that a rape survivor has go through rape crisis as well as image crisis as at the same time. By the time, the society or family knows about the incident, they start acting like you are an untouchable. They keep on abusing, judging you in every way possible and even force you to eventually leave the society as soon as possible. But, you should don’t feel miserable about yourself, rather take an action to answer those people and ascertain your self-respect.

There are many acts introduced by the Canadian govt. in order to ensure justice is rightly served to the rape survivors. Studies show that Canada is in the 7th position in terms of number of violent crimes that occur every year. The crimes reported on sexual assault have seen a rapid increase here, in the past few years. According to Huffington post, every year, 460,000 people, face rape crisis in Canada. Keeping all these things in mind, we carry workshops on how a rape crisis survivor should take steps for the sake of justice.

rape victims Ottawa

  • Report immediately: Most of the people don’t report FIR on the injustice they faced (rape crisis). They either are afraid of the reaction of the family, relatives or the society or of the interrogative eyes that they would have to face. But doing this can hamper their social, mental and physical well-being. So, without wasting any time, one should report to the police immediately at the first instance.
  • Be ready for future consequences: It is very common in every society to react unusually to the rape victims. They keep on interrogating, gossiping, demeaning the victim for the incident, and the person has to face a lot many things. So, one should make herself/himself ready for the consequences to come in the future.
  • Make yourself independent and self-reliant: For every individual, whether man or woman or LGBT, it is necessary to be independent and self reliant to fight more effectively against injustice. Moreover, there are many shelter homes available that are working for the rape crisis in Ottawa and other cities of the country to make the survivors independent. So, start working on yourself and do the needful to completely eliminate the dependency from your life.

Wrap up

Having 20 years of experience in providing the people suffering from violent crimes with necessary assistances, we know every required step to precede the cases smoothly. With our unmatched expertise, we have successfully accomplished more than 1000 cases of violent crimes. Our main focus is always to ensure that justice is served to the victims and to achieve this aim, we do our best. We keep ourselves updated on all the latest information that comes from the govt. and thus can assure you with authentic and needful assistance, always.

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