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legal aid Ottawa
Legal Aid Ottawa
By admin / October 4, 2019

How To Deal With Rape Crisis and its Unexpected Outcomes

Rape crisis is not a phenomenal situation; it can happen with anyone and at any point of time. That is...

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Domestic Violence Ottawa
Domestic Violence in Ottawa, Legal Services
By admin / September 30, 2019

Need Counseling for Domestic Violence-Here We Are!

Domestic violence is mentally very depressive. In most of the cases, people even become suicidal after suffering from domestic violence...

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Paralegal Firm in Ottawa
Legal Services
By admin / September 10, 2019

Understanding the Role of Paralegal Professionals in Ottawa

According to reports, the number of people who are in need of legal service in Ontario has been increasing from...

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Legal aid Ottawa
By admin / August 30, 2019

The Process Involved in Getting Legal Aid Facilities in Ottawa

Legal aid is the name given to a constitutional provision that is designed to help the needy who cannot access the...

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Rape Crisis in Ottawa
Rape Crisis
By admin / August 16, 2019

Rape -The Heinous Crime

Rape is a dastardly crime against humanity in this world. This act can happen with a person irrespective of his...

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Domestic Violence
Domestic Violence in Ottawa, Legal Services
By admin / July 12, 2019

Let’s Stand for Anti-Violence and Fight Against Injustice Together

Domestic violence is seen among 70% women all over the world. Based on their sufferings, the type of domestic violence...

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rape victims Ottawa
Rape Crisis
By admin / July 2, 2019

Be a Rape Survivor, Not a Victim- Stand Up for Justice!

Rape is an unfortunate and gruesome act that can happen with any person, irrespective of his sex. There are different...

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legal aid Ottawa
Legal Services
By admin / June 21, 2019

Legal Aid and Women Empowerment How Correlated to Each Other

Are you searching for legal aid or assistance to fight against any injustice to you? We ensure to provide it...

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women’s shelter in Ottawa
Legal Services, Women Shelters in Ottawa
By admin / April 5, 2019

Why is having a Women’s Shelter a Gift to Your Community?

Despite the fact that women are worshiped as a goddess in our society, there are still different parts of the...

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domestic violence in Ottawa
Domestic Violence in Ottawa, Legal Aid Ottawa
By admin / March 28, 2019

Great Win to Step out from Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is the offense that almost every 3 out of 5 women are facing. Although everyone very well knows...

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women’s shelters ottawa
Women Shelters in Ottawa
By admin / March 20, 2019

Advantages of having women shelters in Ottawa

Even though our nation has made tremendous growth in the economy and educational sectors, there are still many women in...

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rape crisis center Ottawa
Rape Crisis
By admin / March 11, 2019

Understanding the Legal Aspects Involved in Rape Crisis in Ottawa

Sexual Assault Support Services - Singh Legal Service Rape is a heinous crime against humanity and there should be enough...

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